Resources to get Hydroponic, Agri-Food, Agtech News and Information

This week, I’ve compiled a list of resources and social media accounts which provide news, press releases, webinars, DIY tutorials regarding hydroponics, vertical farming, indoor farming, agri-food, and agtech. Some of these provide email subscriptions that deliver daily content to your inboxes, while podcasts allow you to listen while multitasking. Comment on any resources or social media accounts from you turn to for hydroponic, agri-food, and agtech news!

News Websites

An excellent international news source that publishes updates, news, press releases about the horticulture industry. They source their articles globally so there are news articles in various languages including Spanish, Italian, German, French, Dutch and Portuguese. 

Greenhouse Grower

The Greenhouse Grower has a wide variety of articles focusing on the crop, production, and technology of the commercial controlled environment agriculture industry. In addition to vegetable growers, the Greenhouse Grower also has articles for farmers of ornamentals, cannabis, and hemp.

Agritech Tomorrow

A news source that focuses on indoor, vertical farming, precision farming, and agricultural technology. 


Vertical Farming Podcast

A weekly podcast that features leaders, CEOs, and founders in the vertical farming industry discussing agri-food, indoor vertical farming, agtech and sustainable agriculture. The podcast is hosted by Harry Duran, the founder of FullCast who has over twenty years of marketing experience.

NPK Hydroponics Live

A monthly informal podcast that discusses growing hydroponic crops, hosted by Stephen Brookes and Barry Faulkner, the Director of NPK Media and Horticulturalist of NPK Technology Ltd. NPK Technology Ltd. is the leading hydroponics and home gardening store in the UK.


Simple Green Hydroponics

Husband and wife duo whose goal is to make hydroponic gardening accessible to all. They create informational videos on YouTube and run a blog which both have great guides and ideas for anyone interested in building and operating a hydroponic system at home.

Keep on Growin’ with Mike VanDuzee

Setting up a hydroponic system can require a large upfront cost. Mike VanDuzee makes videos teaching DIY and off-grid hydroponics that can be done anywhere and with any budget. His mission is to make growing food as easy as possible.

Twitter Accounts

Center of Excellence for Indoor Agriculture

@indooragcenter tweets regularly about news articles, blog posts, and webinars about vertical farming, indoor farming, sustainability, agtech. The Center’s mission is to promote indoor farming methods to equip vertical farmers with the knowledge and resources to build their businesses. They also have a free social media platform for farmers, entrepreneurs, technologists, and suppliers to connect and network.

Indoor Ag-Con

@indooragcon is a great account to follow for webinars, conferences, and news articles about indoor and vertical farming and controlled environment agriculture. Indoor Ag-Con is the premier indoor agriculture tradeshow and conference for the vertical farming industry.

Greenhouse Grower

In addition to its news website (see above), the @greenhousegrow tweets its articles daily providing a convenient way to subscribe to its content. 


Food Growers United

Curated conversations for beginners to commercial growers. Members share tips and methods to growing food in various setups. The group discusses topics that includes vegetable production, microgreens farming, integrated pest management, horticulture, fruit production, and more.

Indoor Agriculture

The group discusses everything related to the controlled environment agriculture industry.

Agriculture Discussion

The group discusses anything that has to do with agriculture.

Do you follow any of these resources or accounts? Comment below to let us know which ones you enjoy and which ones you follow that are not on this list!

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