About Us

Metagenom Bio Life Science Inc. specializes in providing DNA sequencing and bioinformatic analysis of the microbiome for local to international academic institutions and industries. We also develop microbiome technology for application in the agricultural sector, with a particular focus on crop protection and food safety in hydroponic systems. Our skillful scientists can help you interpret the microbiome data so that you can make informed decisions.

Our Mission

Healthy Hydroponics’ mission is to enhance food safety assurance and improve prediction of crop diseases in hydroponic systems. In present times of climate change and the consequences brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, food sustainability and security are more important than ever. Greenhouses, vertical farming and hydroponics are some of the solutions to ensure people have access to high quality, nutritious food that is abundant and safe.

Our Process

Knowing the types of microorganisms in hydroponic systems can help control disease outbreak in plants. Select microorganisms have beneficial relationships with plants, and they can promote plant growth providing nutrients, protecting from stress, disrupting pathogenic interactions which can cause plant disease. Current practices for disease prevention often suffer from limited feedback on how those practices are working until plant disease symptoms are visible. By monitoring the microbes in the system it may be possible to detect the proliferation of disease causing microbes sooner.

We can help farmers by monitoring the microbial communities in their hydroponic systems and in the root zone. The collected data inform us of the microbes that contribute to healthy hydroponic systems and also those that are associated with disease outbreaks. By identifying the pathogens in selective crops, we can create markers for rapid detection of these microbes, allowing farmers to make informed decisions to control outbreaks.

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