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Behind-the-scene: Rebecca Co

These Behind-The-Scene posts reveal a bit about the people involved with Health Hydroponics. We would like to put names to faces and personalities especially during this time when we are unable to meet local growers in person.

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Behind-the-Scene: Jiujun Cheng

Dr. Jiujun Cheng is the Director of Technology Applications at Metagenom Bio. He received his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at the Yan’an University, China. He then did a Master’s of Science in Biochemistry at the Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry, Chinese Academy of sciences.

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Directory of Aquaponic Fruits and Vegetable Farms in Canada

Last week, we posted a directory of hydroponic and aeroponic farms in Canada. This week, we searched the Internet once again for aquaponic fruits and vegetable farms in Canada. Each entry has the location of the farm and the crops that are hydroponically grown including fish (if sold as commodity). Farms are hydroponic unless otherwise indicated…

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Behind-the-Scene: Michael Lynch

Dr. Michael Lynch is the Director of Bioinformatics at Metagenom Bio Life Science which is the company behind Healthy Hydroponics. He did his Bachelor of Science and Master’s of Science in Plant Sciences at the University of Western Ontario. He then completed his PhD in Biology and his postdoc at the University of Waterloo.

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