We will use this space to provide updates on the project and discuss topics on the plant microbiome, hydroponic systems, and a variety of other areas that would be of interest to you.

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Latest Post

  • Behind-the-Scene: Trevor Charles
    This week, I am introducing a member of our team! These Behind-The-Scene posts reveal a bit about the people involved with Health Hydroponics.
  • Healthy Hydroponic Project Update – March 2021
    It’s already been six months since we launched Healthy Hydroponics! Time is going by quickly in the midst of the pandemic. We continue to thank our growers, some of whom we know are operating at reduced personnel capacity.
  • Pathogen Profile: Pythium
    Our first Pathogen Profile is on Pythium as it is the most common pathogen that our growers have expressed concern about. This does not come as a surprise because Pythium is ubiquitous and known to cause root rot in a variety of greenhouse hydroponic crops.
  • Introducing the Microbiology Glossary for Growers!
    One way we are helping growers understand the scientific terminology commonly used when discussing microbiome is by creating a glossary of terms.
  • Identifying the Hydroponic Plant Microbiome – The Beginnings of Healthy Hydroponics
    With the growth of the world population, climate change, global crises, and access to affordable clean energy are challenges to long term food security. We need to have sustainable food systems in place to output fresh, safe, sufficient, and accessible foods on all scales, from local to global. Food security is a societal priority that we must focus on.
  • Information session
    Are you a greenhouse or indoor farm grower and interested in participating in our studies, or just want to get more information about our plans or our technology? We are pleased to announce a virtual info session, scheduled for Sept 28, 11 am EDT. This session is being organized by OMAFRA. See this blog postContinue reading “Information session”
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