Directory of hydroponic and aeroponic cannabis growers in Canada

This week, we are back with another resource. We compiled a directory of hydroponic and aeroponic cannabis growers in Canada. Each entry has the location of the farm and the type of hydroponic system used. Farms are organized by province and territory alphabetically. This is not a complete list and can be updated in the future as more information is gathered.

If there is a farm missing or information provided here is incorrect, let us know!

Updated: June 28, 2021

Number of farms by province

Total hydroponic farms: 31

Alberta: 4

British Columbia: 3

Manitoba: 1

New Brunswick: 1

Newfoundland and Labrador: 1

Northwest Territories: 0

Nova Scotia: 1

Nunavut: 0

Ontario: 12

Prince Edward Island: 0

Quebec: 4

Saskatchewan: 4

Yukon: 0


314 Pure Cannabis Ltd.

Location: Crossfield

Type: Hydroponic

Alberta Craft Cannabis


Type: Hydroponic

Alberta Tilapia

Location: High River

Type: Aquaponic

Rocky Mountain Marijuana Inc (RMMI Corp)

Location: Calgary

Type: Aeroponic

British Columbia

Habitat Craft Cannabis Ltd.

Location: Chase

Type: Aquaponic

Just Kush

Location: Okanagan Valley

Type: Aeroponic

Kootenay Aeroponic Inc.

Location: Creston

Type: Aeroponic


Gump Weed

Location: Minnedosa

Type: Aeroponic

New Brunswick

Stewart Farms

Location: St. Stephen

Type: Aquaponic

Newfoundland and Labrador

Atlantic Cultivation

Location: St. John’s

Type: Hydroponic

Nova Scotia


Location: Bedford

Type: Aquaponic


AB Labs

Location: Ancaster

Type: Hydroponic

Aleafia Health

Location: Port Perry

Type: Hydroponic

Aphira Inc.

Location: Leamington

Type: Hydroponic


Location: Vaughn

Type: Hydroponic

FSD Pharma

Location: Coburg

Type: Hydroponic

Green Relief

Location: Flamborough

Type: Aquaponic

High Park Farms

Location: Enniskillen

Type: Hydroponic


Location: Greater Toronto Area

Type: Hydroponic


Location: Bowmanville

Type: Hydroponic

PureSinse Inc.

Location: Brampton

Type: Hydroponic

Radicle Cannabis

Location: Hamilton

Type: Hydroponic

Trichome JWC Acquisition Corp.

Location: Kitchener

Type: Aeroponic


Great White North Growers

Location: Montreal

Type: Aeroponic


Location: Louiseville

Type: Aeroponic


Location: Amos

Type: Hydroponic

Sumo Cannabis

Location: Trois-Rivières 

Type: Aeroponic


Agro-Greens Natural Products Ltd.

Location: Macklin

Type: Aeroponic

Mother Labs Inc.

Location: Saskatoon

Type: Hydroponic

North 40 Cannabis

Location: Nipawin

Type: Aeroponic

Zevk Cultivation 

Location: Weyburn

Type: Hydroponic, Aeroponic

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