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Microbiology Glossary for Growers

Pathogen Profile

Microbiology Glossary for Growers

We created a glossary on microbiology terms so that growers can understand jargon used commonly in microbiome reports and research.

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Pathogen Profile

Pathogen Profile focuses on a pathogen commonly found in hydroponic systems or is of concern to greenhouse growers. We hope that Pathogen Profile can be used to help growers better understand common plant pathogens in hydroponic and greenhouse systems so that they can be better managed.

Some of the things we cover in Pathogen Profile include: 

  • What kind of pathogen is it?
  • What kinds of plants do this pathogen infect?
  • How does the pathogen infect plants?
  • What general symptoms are exhibited in the host plants?
  • How is the pathogen potentially introduced into the greenhouse or hydroponic system?
  • How is the pathogen dispersed?
  • What environmental conditions allow for the pathogen to proliferate?
  • What can growers do to mitigate the pathogen?

The more information that growers know about plant pathogens, the more prepared and confident they will be to handle them. We hope the data that we gather from Healthy Hydroponics will fill in some of the current knowledge gaps regarding plant pathogens in hydroponics and greenhouse systems.

Important Notes
The information we present in Pathogen Profile is based on collating published peer-reviewed scientific literature and sources we think are reliable. This is by no means an exhaustive review of pathogens. Pathogen Profile gives a small glimpse of what is known about pathogens and we encourage growers to do more research on their own based on the pathogens in relation to their own crops and hydroponic systems. We are not plant pathologists thus the information presented in Pathogen Profile should not be used as professional advice to treat pathogens or to operate your hydroponic system. The cited work can be found at the end of the profile.

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